The Literature of
Orkney and Shetland

Shetland Literature in Schools

Shetland Literature in Schools


An essential  part of the Writing the North project is our work with schools.  The education team from the Shetland Museum and Archives is working with pupils and teachers from Sandwick Junior High School, Aith Junior High School, Whalsay School (secondary department) and Brae High School to encourage the students’ understanding of their local literature and to make their own creative responses.

Educational packs have been developed for school students to complement the main themes in the Writing the North exhibition.  The packs aim to introduce pupils to Shetland and Orkney literature, in particular significant works which are not included in the regular curriculum and thereafter to further their understanding of the development of writing within and about the Islands.

The schools programme is designed to encourage pupils to develop their own creative response to the works of authors chosen for them.  The Writing the North project has selected literary works that pertain specifically to the local areas surrounding each participating school.   To demonstrate the learning points, pupils will be asked to make a short film about the chosen author or selected works which will be shown in the Shetland Museum and Archives during the exhibition.  The film production affords the opportunity to use cross-curricular learning, enabling pupils of all abilities to participate in the end result.  The project aims to encourage:

  • Reading and critical analysis
  • Sharing opinions, feelings and thoughts inspired by the project
  • Creative Writing
  • Drama
  • Music
  • Art and Design
  • Co-operative learning
  • Film and Media production
  • Preparing their work for public presentation


For further details about the education packs, please contact Yvonne Reynolds.  Yvonne@shetland-museum  or Tel: 01595 741564

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