The Literature of
Orkney and Shetland

The Dialogues

The Dialogues

Archipelagos, Poems from Writing thew North (2.8MB)

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Poems from Writing the North (2.8MB PDF)

An important aspect of Writing the North is to explore continuities between the history of Orkney and Shetland writing and poets and novelists at work today. These dialogues are between academic specialists in Scottish literature and contemporary writers connected with the Northern Islands. Each partnership will explore a text or an extract of a longer work from the history of Northern Islands literature, and leads to a new, original piece of creative writing.

Some of the source texts are from well-known writers, some from ones you won’t have heard of; some are by native islanders, others by visitors; some are in standard English, some in dialect. There is some wonderful writing to discover, and you can read the source texts, follow the dialogues and creative process, and participate in the discussion by adding your own comments here. Each of the original pieces of writing has been collected into the book Archipelagos, together with associated commentary by the collaborative academic specialist. A downloadable version of Archipelagos is available here.

The Source Texts